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Play the Semi-Slav by David Vigorito

Play the Semi-Slav by David Vigorito

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Wersja językowa książki - angielska.

The Semi-Slav is one of the most popular replies to 1.d4, especially in top level chess.

American IM and theoretical expert David Vigorito provides a full repertoire for Black with two options against the main lines.
If you want to play this topical opening you cannot do without this book.

ISBN: 9789185779017 - 280 pages - 23 January 2008



"One of the best books about the Semi-Slav... covers all variations including move order suggestions... a very well written book. I have it beside me now."

Bo Bredenhof, ChessCafe (full article)



"I highly recommend Play the Semi-Slav for all those with an interest in either side of the Slav/Semi-Slav complex."

IM John Donaldson (full review)



"A well written book filled with deep analysis.  You can just look at it and feel the many hours Vigorito poured into getting it ‘just right'.  Of course, the very thing that makes the book so strong also means that lower-rateds are going to struggle with the rich and numerous variations.  Therefore, I would say that those 1800 and up will get the most out of this book... On a scale of 1-10, Play the Semi-Slav by David Vigorito gets a 9."

Michael Jeffreys, Chessville (full review)

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