Champions of the New Millennium - Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne
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Champions of the New Millennium - Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne (miękka okładka)

Champions of the New Millennium - Ftacnik, Kopec and Browne (miękka okładka)

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Wersja językowa książki - angielska.

In this collaboration between three highly experienced authors the eighteen best chess players of the world in the 21st century are presented to the reader with four deep annotated games and an illuming portrait. These players are: Anand, Kramnik, Topalov, Morozevich, Svidler, Mamedyarov, Shirov, Leko, Ivanchuk, Aronian (the top 10 January 2008) the stars likely to dominate in the next decade, Karjakin, Carlsen, Radjabov, Wang Yue, Ponomariov and Grischuk, the best female player ever, Judith Polgar, as well as World Championship finalist and comeback kid, American star Gata Kamsky.

Lubomir Ftacnik is a Slovakian Grandmaster and famous chess author.

Danny Kopec is an American International Master and the author of several excellent books on chess.

Walter Browne is an American Grandmaster with many years at the absolute top.

ISBN: 9781906552022 - 456 pages - Published September 9 2009


"Described in the blurb as ‘the ideal guide to who's who in modern chess' this substantial volume is just that: the eighteen best chess players in the world split between established stars and the players likely to dominate in the next decade with Judit Polgar and Gata Kamsky making up the numbers. Each player has a chapter outlining their history, an analysis of their playing style and four of their best games deeply annotated. The experienced authors have shared the work between them.  Beautifully produced with (as so often with Quality Chess) numerous exceptional photographs, this volume is a fine introduction to the leading players of our time."

Ray Edwards,  Julian Farrand,  David Friedgood, ECF judges when selecting Champions of the New Millennium for their Book of the Year shortlist

"The annotations are intelligent and the explanations superb. No matter where you stand in the chess hierarchy there is something for you in this book. Advanced players will appreciate the deep analysis, while club players will gain understanding as to why certain decisions are taken in particular positions, plus the many diagrams aid visualization.

With lush color photographs, deep analysis, plenty of verbal commentary, and an abundance of diagrams, Champions of the New Millennium is a book that you can treasure for a lifetime. There is so much to learn from this book that you will glean something new with every reading."

Mark Donlan and Norman Kingoff, ChessCafe (full review)


"a great book... a self-service buffet where you can dig into several different kinds of exemplary chess... full of glittering games, and good photographs"

GM Jonathan Rowson, New in Chess

"An Impressive Anthology... A beautifully produced 18-player anthology... Exceptional photographs enhance the content... a great collection of 72 games... an outstanding book, a beautiful gallery of great players."

GM Lubomir Kavalek, The Washington Post (full review)

"Champions of the New Millennium is the rare chess book that can be read for both pleasure and instruction... a beautiful book... over 100 beautiful color photos... very attractively priced at $29.95 and would make an excellent Christmas present. Highly recommended."

IM John Donaldson


"450 pages of entertaining material... The selection of games and the accompanying notes deliver considerable distilled wisdom. And the book is accompanied by dozens of attractive colour photographs of all the players. We need books of this sort to inspire young players especially, and give them some chess role models. Choose two or three of the players, study their four games and then start following their tournament play. You’ll learn a thing or two."

Cecil RosnerWinnipeg Free Press


"The name Quality Chess of course creates obligations. Champions of the New Millennium, just like the tournament book about San Luis, lives up to the name. For everyone who likes to learn from the games of modern grandmasters or just wants to enjoy them, this is the book for you, with 72 brilliant games."

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad

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Rok wydania:2009

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